New Crop Apricot 2014

There was a big frost in Malatya during end March 2014. Total damage of new crop goods was between 90-95%, this situation caused to increase raw material prices rapidly. According to explanation of officers of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, total avaliable quantity of fresh apricot will be 30,250.00 tons. We expect that 6,000.00 tons of fresh apricot wil be exported during mid June and July 2014, and 4,000.00 tons fresh apricot will be dried and done natural apricot and remain quantity which is about 20,000.00 tons fresh apricot will be dried and done sulphured apricot. It means that avalibility of new crop sulphured apricot will be about 5,000.00 tons when 1 kg dried apricot gets from 4 kg fresh apricot.